March 26, 2017

Technical Labour Hire

Engineering & Technical Labour solutions provide contract and temporary staffing solutions covering Project Management, Engineering, Scientific, Laboratory Technicians and Administrative support personnel, where permanent staff and/or consultancy agreements do not suit your requirements.

We work with you to find your short and longer-term staffing needs and offer a choice of suitable qualified, trained and experienced technical staff, matched to meet your requirements. Our off-site management team provide additional technical and administrative support to ensure our staff members continue to meet your expectations.

Whatever your industry, engineering & technical labour solutions, have the skilled personnel to meet your need.

Engineering & Technical Labour Solutions Staff Classification:


Project, Commissioning; and Engineering Managers.


Mechanical; Electrical, Chemical, Instrumentation & Control; Outage/Shutdown; Process and Commissioning Engineers.


Power Station Chemist; Industrial Chemist; Sciencist; Laboratory Technicians; Chemical Technicians.


Planning Officers; Saftey officers; Quality Management officers; Technical Officers; Administration and support staff.

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