March 26, 2017

Project Management & Commissioning

Engineering & Technical Labour Solutions offers project management and plant commissioning services to the Power, Mining, water, and manufacturing industry.

Project Management Services

We work closely with our clients and management teams to thoroughly understand the project concept and scope; develop project schedule and budget; supervise the project progress to program; commission and final handover.

Establish and supervise the project milestones ensuring the project stays on budget and program.

We pride our business on applying the following key principles to all our projects;

  • to give personal service to our Clients throughout the entire project duration.
  • to attribute the same level of commitment to every project, regardless of project size, value, or complexity.
  • to add value at every stage of the project delivery.
  • to effectively communicate with all stakeholders.

It is through the implementation of the above principles that we have continued to exceed our Clients expectations and in doing so, deliver high-quality projects.

Plant Commissioning Services

Our professional commissioning staff provide a comprehensive plant commissioning service covering, documentation, instrumentation setup, plant start-up and commissioning.

Our range of commissioning services includes:

  • Development of commissioning program and budgets
  • Commissioning & start-up documentation;
  • Piping check-out;
  • Perform Pressure test, chemical cleans and pipework flushing.
  • Training of operators and maintenance personnel;
  • Risk assessment and job safety analysis documentation
  • Comprehensive commissioning procedures developed to verify equipment operation;
  • Verification of mechanical and civil completion (e.g. equipment alignments & lubrication);
  • Electrical & Instrumentation calibration & check-out (point-to-point electrical integrity, direction of rotation, instrument calibration);
  • Confirmation of equipment operating parameters (e.g. flow rates, pressures, temperatures, speeds);
  • Verification of plant performance including throughput, reliability, and process verification.